Casino Boom In Arizona

To the south east of Nevada and a handful of miles from the Mexican border, surrounded by cactus plants in the desert of Sonora, Tucson’s casinos peep out: far from the lights and overcrowding of Sin City, like Las Vegas is nicknamed, second Arizona city offers his version of the casino.

Tucson winks at the Strip’s gambling capital of the United States and diversifying playing his bet on the idea of ‘gambling‘ enlarged. Those who choose to Tucson groped luck never goes out of the casino ‘in casino’ how does the average tourist in Las

Vegas but the game combines relaxation, wellness and sport. ‘The Old Pueblo‘, as Tucson is called by the Indians, currently boasts four large casino, all located between two Indian reservations and distant from each other about ten miles. Casino Arizona is legalized only in the 90s and exclusively on Indian reservations. Topping the list there is the Casino del Sol: it’s impossible don’t notice the casino driving on Valencia Road, more busy road in Tucson.

Casino Boom In Arizona

The Casino del Sol (, inaugurated on 11/11/11 and considered the most ‘big mess’ of Arizona, appears like a mirage in the desert. Surrounded by nothing but miles of pristine desert, the resort presents itself as a southwestern version of the Taj Mahal in India. Just came across a huge golden arches and the doors open to give access to the gaming floor with over a thousand slot machines, poker and blackjack tables and a bingo hall with 600 seats. When they can not ‘more’ to play restaurants and bars are scattered over the entire surface.


Outside the hall, there is a spectacular amphitheater seats 4600 where they performed well-known artists such as Sheryl Crow, James Taylor, Velvet Revolver and many other rock bands. Casino del Sol prepares to host another major event: the opening of a golf camp that covers 40 hectares area. The 18-hole, par 72, will be called ‘Sewailo’, that in the Yaqui

language means flower in the world.